Network of Over 8800 International Speakers

Rising Media brings experts in their fields from around the world to deliver top-line and deep-dive insights about our rapidly changing world.

Authors, academics, entrepreneurs, founders, executives and thought leaders grace our stages. They consistently garner high audience praise for their insights, enthusiasm and energy. All designed to deliver concrete take-aways for business improvement.

Thomas Neuer
Data Scientist
Samantha Noble
MD & Founder
Michael Altendorf
Founder & CEO
Kate Sikora
Managing Director
David Polinchock
Founder/Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
Konrad Walus
Till Büttner
Director Web Analytics
Brandon Jo
Senior Advisor
Brent Csutoras
Brandy Freitas
Senior Data Scientist
Imam Widjaja
Director of Business Operations / Global Supply Chain and Post Factory Operations
Andy Logani
Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer
Richard Downes
Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning Recruitment Specialist
Joanna Goodrick
Head of Business Architecture and Strategy
Benjamin Stahl
Data Scientist
Lars Schwabe
Senior Technology Consultant
Stefan Wolk
Director E-Commerce -
David Hall
IT Director
Dongpyo Hong
Founder & CEO
Lea Boche
Technical Leader Generation Sector
Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content Marketing
Evert Veldhuijzen
Managing Partner
Roland Fiege
Head of Digital
Lennart Paulsen
Co Founder
Attila Görög
Senior Consultant Data Science
Anne Rozinat
Yulin Ning
Senior Director in Global Decision Management
Marcel Tilly
William Leake
Lisa Groiss
Founder & CEO
Jonathan Huth
Jennifer Kunz
Principle Architect
Doug Howarth
Javed Ahmed
Senior Data Scientist
Anjan Haalder
Director, Marketing Sciences
Serdar Uckun
Senior Technical Advisor
Michelle Robbins
SVP Content & Marketing Technology
Janis Zech
co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Nicola Lörz
Head of Digital Communication
Martin Hillebrecht
Head of CC Lightweight Design, Materials & Technologies
Luis Navarrete Gómez
Head of Global Search Marketing
Frank Hassler
Managing Director
Przemek Maciołek, PhD
VP of Research & Development
Elliot Ross
Megan Zeisler
Data Scientist
Kim Folsom
Chairwoman and CEO
Claire Yu
Postdoctoral Fellow
Laura Pier
Managing Director



Business AnalysisBusiness CapabilityBusiness

Building Business Capability

Building Business Capability is the only conference that enhances your ability to advance People, Product, Data, and Knowledge, to build your core leadership skills, to create a customer centric organization, and to deliver digital transformation.

Orlando, Florida
April 15-19, 2024

Data Science / AI / Cybersecurity


fwd:cloudsec is a non-profit conference on cloud security. At this conference you can expect discussions about all the major cloud platforms, both attack and defense research, limitations of security features, the pros and cons of different security strategies, and generally the types of things cloud practitioners want to know, but that don't fit neatly into a vendor conference schedule.

Arlington, VA
June 17-18, 2024
September 17, 2024

Generative AI Applications Summit

Generative AI has taken the world by storm - Generative AI Applications Summit translates the hype into value:
come and discover concrete business cases, quantifiable enterprise value, the latest advances and guidance on deployment and governance.

Phoenix, AZ
June 4- 7, 2024
November 18-19, 2024
Predictive AnalyticsData Science / AIData Science / AI / Cybersecurity

Machine Learning Week

Machine Learning Week is our largest data science event to date, with up to eight tracks of sessions covering the commercial deployment of predictive analytics. Launching in San Francisco in 2009 as Predictive Analytics World, now in its 16th year.

Phoenix, AZ
June 4- 7, 2024
November 18-19, 2024
Predictive AnalyticsData Science / AIData Science / AI / Cybersecurity

Predictive Analytics World for Climate

Join PAW Climate to explore how companies apply machine learning to problems such as smart electrical grids, supply chain optimization, building energy efficiency, industrial control, precision agriculture, climate risk assessment, weather forecasting, ecosystem monitoring, and disaster response.

October, 2024

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Social Media MarketingDigital MarketingDigital Marketing and Analytics

AllSocial Marketing Conference

The original and leading social media marketing conference in Germany offers an inside look at innovations and monetization issues impacting today's top digital media and marketing experts. Packed with leading brands' case studies and real-world perspectives, AllSocial Conference offers attendees an analysis of the latest techniques, tactics, tools, demographics, research and advertising trends.

September 9, 2024

Conversion Conference

Conversion Conference is for people who want to get the most out of their online campaigns. Learn how to improve acquisition and dramatically increase conversion from the world's leading authorities.

Phoenix, AZ
June 4- 7, 2024
Digital Marketing and Analytics

Email Innovations World

Jump ahead of the pack at the most anticipated conference in the Email Marketing Industry. Developed in conjunction the membership of Only Influencers, email marketing is most trusted and oldest community, Email Innovations World is the conference that Email Marketers have been asking for.

Phoenix, AZ
June 4- 7, 2024
Digital Marketing and Analytics

Marketing Analytics Summit

Where digital analysts, marketing technologists and growth architects master marketing data to create an impact! Multiply your skills with the latest thinking, newest developments, and most current examples of data enriched marketing. Whether you are an analyst or one who relies on analytics to excel in marketing, MAS is here to help YOU evolve as a professional.

Phoenix, AZ
June 4- 7, 2024
October 24-25, 2024
November 18-19, 2024
SearchmarketingDigital Marketing and Analytics

Search Marketing Expo Conference

SMX is Europe's largest conference for search engine marketing and optimization. In 60+ sessions on SEO, PPC, Data & Analytics, UX, Content and many more online marketing topics, SMX delivers the building blocks for the future. All content is immediately actionable. The Inhouse SEO Day and workshops will take place the day before. 

SMX Paris
March 14-15, 2024
SMX London
October 24-25, 2024
SMX Munich
March 18-19, 2025
SearchmarketingDigital Marketing and Analytics

SMX Advanced

SMX Advanced is aimed exclusively at experienced search marketers. All sessions focus on advanced SEO and PPC tactics. Learn from international search marketing experts and exchange ideas and experiences with your colleagues from all over the world. Advanced SEO and PPC workshops will be held the day before. 

SMX Advanced Europe
September 10-11, 2024

Digital Marketplaces

Digital Marketplaces


If you haven’t been to AutosBuzz before, you are missing out on the world’s only conference exclusively about automotive e-commerce and marketplaces. Selling cars online? Be there. Financing cars online? Be there. Listing cars online? Be there. Working with automotive e-commerce? Be there. Working with automotive marketplaces? Be there.

May 14-15, 2024
Digital Marketplaces


RecBuzz Conference brings together top-level executives from recruitment advertising and technology companies worldwide to learn, network and analyze the changes in our industry. You’ll talk to and hear from “the best of the best” — including major job boards, technology providers, start-ups and investors.

April 16-17, 2024

Attendees from Industry leading Companies

About Us

Why Do We Do What We Do?

At Rising Media, we take real pride in the value attendees and sponsors get out of our conferences. These are not giant spectacles or grand boondoggles at resorts. These are high-energy, highly intellectual events. We live for those times people tell us how they got a promotion or new responsibilities because of our efforts. We love knowing that we have helped people progress in their careers, startups grow into new partnerships and vendors connect with new customers.

Why Technology?

The world of technology is fascinating. The ways that technology can make organizations more efficient and more customer-centric is awesome. The ability to share the latest findings and help people get the most out of new tech is just plain fun. But the best part, is watching what happens when you put a lot of smart people into a room and let them connect. The ideas, the insights, the friendships all end up creating a community. There´s nothing better.

Who Are the People of Rising Media?

Rising Media is made up of people who are passionate about ideas and passionate about service. We strive to make it as easy as possible for people to learn and connect in a relaxed but energized environment. We love to create the kind of conferences where people want to speak - not just for the recognition - but because it´s easy and fun to be there. We are passionate about getting the details right.

What do we love?

  • Bringing people with common challenges together.
  • In-depth conference presentations that offer concrete takeaways.
  • Thought leadership from real experts.
  • Vendor representatives who know and love their products.



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